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local gay couple judges saturday morning runners

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So, tonight in my belly dance class there were four new people, little girls probably around nine or ten. When we did shimmies I was rocking out as usual but the little ones were obviously having trouble and I wasn’t clear on why until the instructor stopped the music and told the girls to watch me.

She said, “That’s how the shimmy is supposed to look, that’s how your belly is supposed to move. You don’t clench your belly, only concentrate on your knees and hips.” And I realized that they weren’t shimmying properly because they were sucking their tummies in so they wouldn’t jiggle.

Now, I am easily the biggest person in my class and when I shimmy it is…impressive, to say the least. The instructor went on, “Look how she does it, watch the way her belly shakes, almost moving in a circular motion. That is natural, that’s the way her body is supposed to look when she does this movement.” Then she pulled up her tank top to show her little pot belly and shimmied along with me, and encouraged the little ones to try again, and we were all shimmying and jiggling together. When the instructor put the music back on and we all went back to shimmying, the little ones stopped holding in their stomachs and even laughed and tried to out-jiggle each other.

Proudest moment of my life? Maybe.

Tyler Hoechlin for August Man Malaysia

Star of MTV’s hit supernatural drama Teen Wolf, Tyler Hoechlin, is known for playing the breakout role of Derek Hale, who was born a warewolf and was initially that dark horse that viewers could not tell was good or bad.

Connecting with the actor, Hoechlin shares what it’s like being on one of television’s most talked about shows, from a passionate baseball player to fully commit to an acting career, preparation for his upcoming role in an independent film called ‘Undrafted’, directed by actor Joe Mazzello and what the future looks like. 

Tyler Hoechlin was shot by New York based photographer Bryan Kong and styled by Juliet Vo in labels such as DKNY, Ermenegildo Zegna, Emporio Armani, Kenzo, Tom Ford and Salvatore Ferragamo for the August 2014 issue of August Man Malaysia. 

Creative Director Melvin Chan / Grooming Sydney Zibrak - The Wall Group / Set Designer Mikki Mamaril / Digital Imaging Sebastian Bar / Photography Assistant Will Reid / Stylist Assistant Janea Moreto


I want to let people know about this app, especially for those people who suffer from social anxiety where telephone communications might be triggering or uncomfortable.

It’s called “TalkTo” and is available for iOs devices for FREE here and is also available in Google Play for Android devices! Essentially, it allows you to ask businesses questions by sending a text message instead of calling. For businesses that aren’t set up to answer a text message or an email (it will try to send it either way) a TalkTo agent will make the call FOR you, and then will text you back with the company’s response.

I have used this app to make reservations, check for stock, check store hours, and more. Certain businesses will have a higher response time than others but if you ask ahead of time then you won’t have a problem. I sent a restaurant a question this afternoon (see picture) and i had a response within 15 minutes. 

Give it a try!



NEW MEME ladies and gentlemen!

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Book #3 that I plan to give the cast members I’ll be meeting at ‘Creatures of the Night’ on August 9th in Melbourne. I’m running out of time and I still have one left to go! EEP!

Other books in the series:


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my chinese students really love english profanity because they dont get in trouble for it

i try to just ignore it so they don’t get a reaction and keep using it

but today during a creative writing exercise, a character was arguing with a dragon, and the kids needed to decide what the character would yell

this one kid raises his hand and calmly submits his suggestion of “f*ck you, you foolish dragon motherf*cker”

i dont know its just 

its difficult not to react to that

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